Friday, June 6, 2008


Landon's Mr. Randy (a.k.a. grandfather) celebrated his 51st Birthday this week. My dad, the character he is, always told Lacy & I before we had kids that his grandchilden would show respect towards him by refering to him as "MR." Randy....hahahahahaha! Well.....considering that my family never forgets sarcastic comments, that in deed became his chosen name when our children call out to him. Not because he wanted that particular name, but because Lacy & I have a good memory. hahahahaha....

ANYWAY, my dad is a good man. He's good to his wife, his two daugters, his two son-in-laws(even the one son-in-law who my dad had to catch in order to keep him from falling on top of the hood of my moms mustang after a night of drinking at his wives high school class reunion....OHHH YEAH & the time my dad took that same son- in -law to play golf with his buddies & after a few holes, & a few drinks, my dad was concerned he was goin' have to throw that lightweight son- in- law over his shoulder & carry him off the course....hahahahaha! GOTTA LOVE MY DAD), but my dad is even better to his two grand-babies, Judah & Landon.

The kids are normally greeted by their Mr. Randy who's usually carrying a bag of Old Navy clothing & a box of fruit snacks. hahahahaha!
We're looking forward to "rootin'" my dad on this summer as he rans the Pikes Peak Ascent again this year. (hopefully with aunt Lacy too, as long as her pelvis isn't fracture....yikes!)

I attached some of my favorite Mr. Randy pictures.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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