Monday, June 9, 2008

What'd he say?

So...we hope we don't offend anyone by sharing this particular story. It's just kind of funny.
Landon's comments & observations about his world have been taking us by surprise more & more these days He's always asking us "what's that?". He's just a "little sponge."
ANYWAYS, Sunday morning we were getting around for church, and while I was finishing up, Jeff & Landon were in our bedroom playing with Tuffy & Speck. (our other children, our doxies) Speck rolled over & Jeff started to scratch his belly. Landon looked Speck over a little, & asked Jeff "what's that?" Before Jeff had a chance to respond, Landon looks up at Jeff & says "his balls?" Jeff slowly began to chuckle, & I stood in the bathroom dumbfounded looking at Jeff, & I asked, "What'd he say?" AND, before I knew it the laughter took over! I was snorting I was laughing so hard! We didn't repeat the comment, or really make too big of a deal out of it. (other than the laughter) On the way to church, Jeff & I discussed what he had said, & neither one of us have ever referred to the dogs genitals or Landon's, for that matter, as "balls".We just think that's what Specks "boy parts" looked like to him. (neither dog is neutered)

We love our other babies. We've had two families ask if we would concern "studdin'" Tuffy out. From what we are learning, we'd get a fee for Tuffy's "services" & first pick of his mates litter. Jeff's reluctant though. He's afraid I'll pull a "Kari", & we'd end up keeping all Tuffy's pups.

Our dream is to own several acres of land in the future & call our property, GTOP FARMS. On this land, we'd obviously build an amazing house, a vineyard/winery, a pumpkin patch, an incredible barn to host wedding receptions, & at last but not least, a dachshund farm. Jeff's "down" with everything but the vineyard, pumpkin patch, barn, & dachshund farm. hahahaha!

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momoffaith said...

That is hilarious! Someday I'll share with you a similar story with Joshua. Love, S