Saturday, June 28, 2008

Made the Newpaper.....

This past week the marketing director for Home Creations asked if our family would take some pictures & do a brief interview about our experience as homeowners of a Home Creations home for the Norman newspaper. We were happy to help....again! (last year Landon & I did a commerical for them too)

Jeff & I have had a much better experience with this particular house compared to our house we owned in Owasso. Although we laughed quietly to our selves afterwards when we commented on our utilities savings.YES, our current home is much more energy efficient, but it's also half the size too...hahahaha!

We are grateful to Home Creations. They are a wonderful employer & they build a very nice home.

There are times Jeff & I will discuss our old house, & we really do miss it. Especially the large attic, the game room (could have put all Landon's toys up there), the community pool, the view of the pond in our back yard..etc. It's amazing what you can afford with two incomes. But, I can honestly say, I'm glad we downsized our lifestyle, & elected for just one of us to work, & the other to stay home with our son. Landon is one of a kind, & I'm so grateful for the time I've spent with him, watching him change from an infant to a terrible-home-wreckin'-peel the paint off the wall- two year old! hahaha! If I were still working at TGI, I would be working just to keep up with the cost of maintaining a larger house, paying for daycare, traveling regularly for work, & I would have to hear from someone else how Landon took his first steps, how he said his first word, or how he enjoys eating hot dogs for every meal...hahaha!

I'm comfortable in our nice Home Creations home, I enjoy watching my son explore his world daily.Owning a smaller home allows us to save money monthly so we can spend extra money on family activities & memberships.

I attached the newspaper article.

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Lacy said...

The picture on the front page looks like Jeff is giving a thumbs up.