Saturday, June 28, 2008

Landon's Daddy

I've been known to tell people that some time's Landon acts like he's the "devil's spawn" I know the reason for his behavior. hahahahaha!

The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree...

Made the Newpaper.....

This past week the marketing director for Home Creations asked if our family would take some pictures & do a brief interview about our experience as homeowners of a Home Creations home for the Norman newspaper. We were happy to help....again! (last year Landon & I did a commerical for them too)

Jeff & I have had a much better experience with this particular house compared to our house we owned in Owasso. Although we laughed quietly to our selves afterwards when we commented on our utilities savings.YES, our current home is much more energy efficient, but it's also half the size too...hahahaha!

We are grateful to Home Creations. They are a wonderful employer & they build a very nice home.

There are times Jeff & I will discuss our old house, & we really do miss it. Especially the large attic, the game room (could have put all Landon's toys up there), the community pool, the view of the pond in our back yard..etc. It's amazing what you can afford with two incomes. But, I can honestly say, I'm glad we downsized our lifestyle, & elected for just one of us to work, & the other to stay home with our son. Landon is one of a kind, & I'm so grateful for the time I've spent with him, watching him change from an infant to a terrible-home-wreckin'-peel the paint off the wall- two year old! hahaha! If I were still working at TGI, I would be working just to keep up with the cost of maintaining a larger house, paying for daycare, traveling regularly for work, & I would have to hear from someone else how Landon took his first steps, how he said his first word, or how he enjoys eating hot dogs for every meal...hahaha!

I'm comfortable in our nice Home Creations home, I enjoy watching my son explore his world daily.Owning a smaller home allows us to save money monthly so we can spend extra money on family activities & memberships.

I attached the newspaper article.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

recycling cans

Check out my little can crusher....

Swimming with the dolphins

I choose my battles, he didn't want to put his suit on....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water park Wednesday

Jeff & I took Landon to White Water Bay on Wednesday. I didn't take the camera in the water park on account I didn't want it to get stolen or broken.

Landon had a BLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I, on the other hand, was a complete wreck. Although he was wearing his life vest, he still would sink under the water when he would slide down the kiddie slide into the water. The vest brought him back up to the surface of the water, but he had a hard time finding his footing. He loved kicking the waves at the shore of the wave pool. He really got into the lazy river & right as we were just about to leave, we discovered a family inter-tube ride.(which of course he wanted to ride on). He would cool until we started down the tunnel, then he yelled out a LOUD SHRIEK! His face was hilarious....

We finally made it home after a long afternoon, & the man was tired. He fell asleep on me.

Harps are moving

Our friends Eric, Diane, & Sarah are moving to Houston tomorrow. I met Diane through Gymboree. Sarah was a student when I was teaching classes there. Diane & I made fast friends. Her family, such as my family, also did not have any close relatives that lived in the OKC area. Over the last year, we would get together at least once a week & even celebrated holidays like Christmas, together.

This past weekend, a few of us got together to have a farewell party for the Harp family. The owners of Gymboree hosted the event at the gym.

I'm heart-broken to see them go. Eric is a doctor & is finishing his last year of residency in Houston. Eric & Diane lived in the Phoenix area right after they were married & they mentioned that they could move to Phoenix in year. Jeff, who was born & raised in Phoenix, spoke with a member of executive management for Home Creations who happened to mention that HC is purchasing land in the Phoenix area. Jeff express his interest in moving to Phoenix as the director of sales. Naturally I told Diane this & she said to me, "That would be great, we could be neighbors." I laughed & I thought to myself, "whoa, they must really enjoy spending time with us....or they know Jeff could hook them up with a smokin'-hot deal on a new house in Phoenix area." hahahahahaha.....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learning to use the potty...

Need I say more....he's getting it!

An OU Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, Landon & I went to have Jeff's OU football autographed by Heisman trophy winners Jason White, Billy Owen, & Billy Sims. It was quite a dramatic experience getting to the location where they were at & so many things went wrong just trying to get there, but Landon & I finally made it & it was well with it.
All three men were so friendly towards Landon & I think they really got a "kick" out of him too.
I really didn't want Landon to have his picture taken with any of the former players mainly because right as they called out our number to meet the players, Landon made a poopy in his diaper. I was so embarrassed & I couldn't excuse our selves! We only had 30 more minutes before the players would be leaving & we had already waited nearly an hour & a half.(try entertaining a two year in a line of 150 or more OU fans...yuck) But Billy Owens saw Landon & he stretched out his arms for him to come closer & next thing I know, BOTH Billy's were telling me"Let's take some pictures with this little guy." So I did of course, but Billy Owen had a funny look on his face as he passed Landon back over to me. I said "Thank You" & RAN!!!!! hahahaha....
I was trying to surprise Jeff this morning with the autographs. But, because I had the location all mixed up, & none of my "supposed"OU friends knew nothing about the signing, I eventually had to break down & call Jeff to find out the exact location. Hearing the surprise in his voice when I told him what I was doing made it all worth it though.
You can see Jason White holding Jeff's OU football. Jeff's pretty proud of it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Play date with the BOYS!

Landon's best buddy is Joshua. Joshua, & his brother, Jonah, came over to play with us Saturday afternoon. We filled up the pool & we got the bounce house out & the boys had a BLAST!

What'd he say?

So...we hope we don't offend anyone by sharing this particular story. It's just kind of funny.
Landon's comments & observations about his world have been taking us by surprise more & more these days He's always asking us "what's that?". He's just a "little sponge."
ANYWAYS, Sunday morning we were getting around for church, and while I was finishing up, Jeff & Landon were in our bedroom playing with Tuffy & Speck. (our other children, our doxies) Speck rolled over & Jeff started to scratch his belly. Landon looked Speck over a little, & asked Jeff "what's that?" Before Jeff had a chance to respond, Landon looks up at Jeff & says "his balls?" Jeff slowly began to chuckle, & I stood in the bathroom dumbfounded looking at Jeff, & I asked, "What'd he say?" AND, before I knew it the laughter took over! I was snorting I was laughing so hard! We didn't repeat the comment, or really make too big of a deal out of it. (other than the laughter) On the way to church, Jeff & I discussed what he had said, & neither one of us have ever referred to the dogs genitals or Landon's, for that matter, as "balls".We just think that's what Specks "boy parts" looked like to him. (neither dog is neutered)

We love our other babies. We've had two families ask if we would concern "studdin'" Tuffy out. From what we are learning, we'd get a fee for Tuffy's "services" & first pick of his mates litter. Jeff's reluctant though. He's afraid I'll pull a "Kari", & we'd end up keeping all Tuffy's pups.

Our dream is to own several acres of land in the future & call our property, GTOP FARMS. On this land, we'd obviously build an amazing house, a vineyard/winery, a pumpkin patch, an incredible barn to host wedding receptions, & at last but not least, a dachshund farm. Jeff's "down" with everything but the vineyard, pumpkin patch, barn, & dachshund farm. hahahaha!

Friday, June 6, 2008

National Donut Day

Friday morning I read on MSNBC that it was national donut day. I told Jeff & we decided to take Landon to get a donut. Natually, Landon picked the largest one he could find. He only ate the sprinkles & the chocolate glaze....well kind-of...most of it was all over his little body. I spent most of the morning cleaning his hands & his face. hahahahaha!

Four years now.....

The scanner's not working very well, the pictures turned out black & white.
I meet Jeff seven years ago July. We've been married four years next week.....We frequently talk about our wedding day. We had so much FUN that day. Our ceremony was incredible, our reception was beautiful, & our honeymoon was much needed!
I wouldn't say we had a very romantic wedding. It was more of a celebration. We got the chance to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen in a long time. Jeff's buddies & family all flew out from Arizona. My friends & family came in from CA, MA, NV, KS,VA,TX, IL,.....all over.
Our friends still tell us that our reception was one of the most fun weddings they had ever been a part of. Jeff & I sat down & actually spent time with our friends, especially after all the guest left the reception. We had four large tables full of friends.We sat there & LAUGHED & carried on until we were told the champagne & drinks were gone. Although, I do remember everyone carrying out at least two bottles of champagne each. (I think we were gettin' rowdy) Little did we know that while we were having a good time up in the ball room, my parents were having a party in their suite! We took everyone back to my parent's suite & continue the party there. My folks told us that after everyone left their suite that night, it looked like the scene from the movie "Sixteen Candles" know... where Jake Ryan walked downstairs to find his house was completely trashed after a his girlfriend threw a "kegger "at his parent's house....hahahaha! They said the only thing missing was the frozen pizza on the record player! hahahahaha!!!!
It was amazing day. I loved whispering back & fourth with Jeff while the ceremony was taking place, I loved all the kisses we exchanged, especially when our guests "clanged" their spoons agains their champagne flutes, & I loved that our very last dance of the night was with all our friends & their spouses .....(AND, what an incredible view we had of the city while we danced too...the sun had gone down & downtown Tulsa was all lit up....beautiful)
I learned a lot about Jeff during our honeymoon. He just can't sit still. When we arrived at our resort in the Mayan Riviera, I was ready to hit the beach & just rest. Eleven months of planning takes a lot out of a person. BUT, Jeff had another plan in mind.... (not that kind of plan! pull your head out of the gutter)....we spend 5 out of the 7 days in Mexico going on excursions. We snorkeled, we swam with the dolphins, we went on a jet-boat jungle tour, we visited the Mayan ruins, & swam in the lagoon at Xel-Ha. I was exhausted. I was so grateful that I didn't have to return back to work for another two weeks after returning home.I spent those two weeks resting from our honeymoon. hahahahaha!
I love being married to Jeff. He never seems to stop making me laugh & he takes excellent care of our family. He compliments my cooking, & he puts up with my obessive need to clean & keep a tighty house. My biggest complaint I have with him is when he can't find his missing sock & accuses me of losing it ....hahahaha.....(that agrument gets ugly & very OLD!!!!)


Landon's Mr. Randy (a.k.a. grandfather) celebrated his 51st Birthday this week. My dad, the character he is, always told Lacy & I before we had kids that his grandchilden would show respect towards him by refering to him as "MR." Randy....hahahahahaha! Well.....considering that my family never forgets sarcastic comments, that in deed became his chosen name when our children call out to him. Not because he wanted that particular name, but because Lacy & I have a good memory. hahahahaha....

ANYWAY, my dad is a good man. He's good to his wife, his two daugters, his two son-in-laws(even the one son-in-law who my dad had to catch in order to keep him from falling on top of the hood of my moms mustang after a night of drinking at his wives high school class reunion....OHHH YEAH & the time my dad took that same son- in -law to play golf with his buddies & after a few holes, & a few drinks, my dad was concerned he was goin' have to throw that lightweight son- in- law over his shoulder & carry him off the course....hahahahaha! GOTTA LOVE MY DAD), but my dad is even better to his two grand-babies, Judah & Landon.

The kids are normally greeted by their Mr. Randy who's usually carrying a bag of Old Navy clothing & a box of fruit snacks. hahahahaha!
We're looking forward to "rootin'" my dad on this summer as he rans the Pikes Peak Ascent again this year. (hopefully with aunt Lacy too, as long as her pelvis isn't fracture....yikes!)

I attached some of my favorite Mr. Randy pictures.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Gettin' EXCITED!!!

The Arizona GTOPS are flying out in a few weeks to spend the fourth of July with us. Here's some pictures from last years parade & BBQ!
We're glad Uncle Greg is going to be here this year....last year he had to hop on a plane out of OKC to fly his UPS route. He missed out.
I love the picture of Lauren....uncle Mac's such a "goof ball!"

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Landon's cousin Brennan was born six months before him. We were spoiled for a while...Greg (Jeff's brother) & Susanne lived in Enid for nearly four years & we got the opportunity to see them frequently while they lived in Oklahoma. They moved back to their hometown, Chandler, AZ in late 2004, & Susanne was 2-3 months pregnant with Brennan. Jeff & I didn't get to meet Brennan until he was six months old. They all flew back to Oklahoma from Arizona to spend a week here for Landon's birth & Thanksgiving. Unforunately, Brennan was very sick, & we didn't get to to hug him, hold him, or love on him. We all were fearful that Landon, a newborn, could possible catch his illness & become very ill. Greg & Susanne brought the kids over to visit us briefly one afternoon . They wanted to meet Landon & we wanted to meet Brennan. It was such a sad experience. Greg held Brennan on our front porch & Jeff held Landon in the foyer of our old home. Susanne & I were crying.....(of course) hahahaha....I remember... I was already unstable emotionally from just having a baby 4 days earlier, & I could not control my tears. I had to stop looking at Brennan & step out of the foyer & step into the dining room just to avoid the embarrassment of my uncontrollable crying!

In May 2005, Matthew, Jeff's youngest brother, or MAC, as Landon calls him, graduated high school. Greg & Susanne flew again, & we got to spend much more time together. I didn't get to hold Brennan until he was nearly a year old.

This past fall we flew out to Arizona to spend a week with them & it's amazing how much Brennan & Landon look a like. We called them the twins while we were there...hahahaha!

Brennan is a sweet man....a funny man....& a loving man!

Happy 3rd Birthday COUS.......We'll see you a few weeks! We looking forward to seeing you over the fourth of July & we'll have COOKIES! As Brennan would say "OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! I like Cookies"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where did Jesus go?

In March I left Gymboree & started teaching at Landon's Mother's day out program called Go Kids. I am responsible for the well-being of sixteen two year olds two times a week. It's a very rewarding job, but a very challenging job too. Every morning while Landon & I are driving to school, we pray together. (mainly for patience, strength, & guidance for Mommy to mentally handle 16 two year olds...hahahahaha) The other day was no exception, & after we finished praying, Landon asked me "Where did Jesus go?" I told him, "Jesus lives in your heart buddy. " Landon said back to me," No...Jesus is at work Mommy." I was crying I was laughing so hard....I told him, "Yes, son. Jesus is at work, he's very busy at work, I'm sure of it." hahahahaha...
Later that night I asked him again & I made a video of his response.

Nude swimmer

Who can afford a swim suit when gas pricesare nearly $4.00 a gallon......

Stacy's visit

My best friend Stacy flew out from Boston a few weeks back. This was the first time that Landon & Stacy really got to spend some time together. She helped him lower the seat on his tricycle & then he asked if she could help him lower his Daddy's car! hahahahaha.....
Her brother & his family live here in OKC. In fact, her brother, Stu, is Landon's pediatrician.
I hate that Stacy lives so far away, but like I said during my matron of honor speech at her wedding, it was her destiny to move to Boston, otherwise he would have never met her husband Tom. I'm so proud of Stacy, she worked really hard over the last few years & now she has her own optometry practice on "swanky" Newberry Street in Boston. AND, it's so funny to me that people refer to her as Dr. Schrader-Coen. If they only knew the fun-loving "goof-ball" who use to drive us out to the middle of "no where" Kansas, park her convertible in the middle of a wheat field, & start reading scripture until we tickled her to the point of exhaustion just to steal her car keys & have someone else drive us back to Wichita. hahahahahaha.....

Landon's Best Friend