Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a little snow

Landon was eager to Landon in the "snow." (More like a flake here & a flake there)

big boy sleeping

Landon at rest.....

Underwear gardening

Landon refused to put on shorts this particular day....whatever, this is Oklahoma.

The watermelon snatcher!

Jeff & I are pretty lucky. Landon enjoys eating fruits & vegetables. He especially loves watermelon! One weekend I bought a watermelon & Landon couldn't stop asking me if he could eat some. One morning after church, Jeff sliced in the watermelon, & gave a few slices to Landon to eat at the table. Jeff & I went to change our clothes & when we returned, we noticed that Landon was no longer sitting at the table. Somehow, he managed to climb up on the counter top & eat the other HALF of the watermelon that Jeff sliced.

This is what we found.....

Jack & Landon

The month of March, my friend Marie asked if I would watch her little boys while she was training for a new job.

One morning I came around the corner & found Landon & Jack watching something on T.V. But what caught my attention was that Jack was wearing Landon's old cowboy hat & it just sat on the top of his head! hahahahaha....It was way to small!