Monday, March 9, 2009

At the zoo...

My friend, Marie, recently accepted a job in Tulsa, but her training is here OKC. I've been watching her boys while she's job training. Friday was a beautiful day here & I took the boys to the zoo. We stopped for a lunch break & I took this picture.

Landon heads off to Arizona

Jeff's brothers family invited Landon to spend a week with them in Phoenix. Susanne & Lauren were in Tulsa visiting Jeff's mom & Landon flew back home with them. He had a BLAST!!! He enjoyed playing with his cousins, Lauren, Joshua, & Brennan. Susanne told me that he started to cry the morning they were packing his stuff up to catch his plane back to Oklahoma. He didn't want to come home.....hahahahaha! (can't blame him, I love Phoenix too. I cry when everytime I board the plane headed back to Oklahoma too)
We took pictures of Landon & everyone at the Tulsa airport before they left.

Stacy's comes to visit, TAKE 2

Stacy,my childhood friend, came to visit us for a weekend. Landon made her a noodle necklace & a bouquet of flowers. (I drew the flowers, he colored them) He greeted her at the airport with both homemade gifts in hand. She wearing the necklace in these pictures.
They too are best of pals. She teases him & he teases her right back!


Landon got a scooter for Valentine's day. My parent's came over for the day & took us out to lunch. Afterwards they took Landon over to Wal-mart to pick out a toy. With my parent's help, he picked out a scooter. He's AWESOME on it!

For Uncle Kenton....

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh CRAP! We forgot your birthday.....Hope it wasn't a stinky one!
The Grattopp's