Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more birthday party pics

Landon's 3rd Birthday

Landon turned 3rd on Saturday the 22nd. Jeff & I decided to have a

party at home with our family & friends. The theme of Landon's party was "Thanksgiving Feast". The kids wore pilgrims hats & indian head-dresses. They made pilgrim & indian vests, they played pin the pilgrim hat on the turkey, & they even decorated their own turkey cookies. Afterwards we all enjoyed a big Thanksgiving Day style meal! Hands-Down, this was the best birthday party yet!

Monday, November 10, 2008

"It's a wonderful life...Jeanie"

This weekend my family celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. A while back my dad was looking for party idea's for my mom's birthday. I suggested taking my mom to Springfield, MO where she was born. I thought my grandmom could share with our family about where my mom's life began. I didn't think the idea would go over very well, but it did. My dad was very receptive to the idea, & so was my grandmom. My grandparents are originally from Springfield, MO & that's where they had my mom. My dad rented a mini-van & we all loaded up in Pittsburg, KS where my grandmom is currently living. We headed over to Springfield, MO for the day. We kept calling my grandmom, our GPS. She navigated the "It's a wonderful life tour" as we referred to it. She took us to see where my granddad (who passed away 9 years ago) grew up, where she grew up, the hospital where my mom was born, the house they brought my mom home to, etc. We even went to the cemetery where my great grandparents were laid to rest. We noticed what looked like the original "Steak 'n' Shake" & my mom hollered out, "Hey, Nana use to take me to that "Steak 'n' Shake" when we all would come over to Springfield to visit her." With that being said, we stopped & had lunch there.
Later that afternoon, we headed back to Pittsburg. My mom's siblings joined us & we had a little party for her at grandmom's house. My dad took us all out to dinner at none other than Pittsburg's famous, "Chicken Annie's."
We had such a fun day, despite the miserable weather. I know my mom enjoyed it... she was smiling the entire trip.

Mom's 50th birthday

Monday, November 3, 2008

Party Hardy this Halloween

Our next door neighbor, Clyde, threw a halloween party Saturday night. Jeff went as the OKC Thunder & I was a witch. Someone at the party took off their afro wig & Jeff found the wig laying around...next thing I know, Jeff's wearing it. Clyde had all sorts of yummy drinks, & all sorts of yucky drinks too. But by the end of the night the drinks were kickin' in & everyone was dancing, including "afro- Thunder- man"!!!! We meet a lot of very friendly people, a few more neighbors, & all around had a good time.