Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Turtle

Jeff, Landon, & I went out golfing one afternoon. As we were cruising down the cart path, Jeff spotted a baby turtle. We picked him up & took him home. We asked Landon what he wanted to name his new little friend, & he said, "Mr. Turtle." hahahaha...

We noticed that Mr. Turtle wasn't eating the food he put in his cage, so I grew considered. I started researching information on turtles & that's when I discovered that turtles carry salmonella.!!! The next morning, Jeff & I explained to Landon, that we had to release Mr. Turtle in the pond, he needed to go home. We took Mr. Turtle to the duck pond on OU's campus. I have never seen a turtle move as quickly as Mr. Turtle moved to get into that pond!!! He was relieved to be home, & I was relieved that he was out of our home! hahahaha....

Touch A Truck

There's an organization is Norman that hosted an event called, Touch-A-Truck. They organize several companies to come out with their business's truck, and the kids in the community can get inside & look around or pretend to drive the truck. We joined our friend's that morning, & went to check out all the "cool" fire trucks, dump trucks, cane's, ince cream trucks, & even a helicopter! The kids were also allowed to honk the horns, which became extremely LOUD after a while, & to our surprise Landon began to cry. He didn't want to be there any more....Jeff picked him up, & Landon dug his head all the way into Jeff's shoulder as we walked back to the car. hahaha! It was so sweet....

OKC Marathon-2009

Lacy did it! She finished the OKC marathon in 3:37:23, which means, we're all taking a party bus up to Boston next April! We're so proud of her. She qualified to run the Boston Marathon in 2010!

My dad also ran the 1/2 marathon & he did GREAT too...for an old man that is! hahaha!

I attached pictures of our FUN FAMILY WEEKEND!


Landon & I went over to our church's Easter egg hunt that Saturday before. I didn't realize that there was a specific time for the actual egg hunt where everyone got to participate. So Landon had his own Easter egg hunt!!! DUH....I am an idiot. The church had eggs spread out all over the field, & I thought it was a "free for all," I guess. It wasn't until Landon had collected two baskets of eggs, & was playing in the bounce house, when the church announced it was time for the hunt. I quickly realized how stupid I had been, & I began to cover the baskets which were full of eggs!!

My parent's come over for the weekend, & we decorated eggs, & had a couple of yummy meals. We also went over to the Waller's for dinner that evening too! The boys enjoyed playing together on Easter. We love getting together with the Wallers!