Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do you like this pink shirt?

The other morning Jeff was getting ready for work. I was in the bath room fixing my hair & he asked me, "do you like this pink shirt?" I looked the shirt over & said, "I like pink roses better. "

I didn't think about what I was saying & I didn't even really give it anymore thought. I don't know where that came from either. What a random comment.

Thursday I came home from teaching class, & the first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was a dozen pink roses on the dining room table. hahahahahaha.....
I was so surprised! The flowers are beautiful. Landon told me later, "daddy got flowers for you."
My men are so sweet to me.

Jeff's 33rd Birthday

I've been with Jeff for over seven years now & married to him for four, & I've always enjoyed picking out birthday cakes for him. I don't bake,....I'm AWFUL at baking. Besides, my mother in law makes the most incredible chocolate cake with white icing, so whatever I make or buy for that matter, will never compare to her cake. PLUS, the Grattopp's are very honest & will even tell you, "this is good, but not as good as what Lyndia makes." hahahahahaha!

This year was a little different.... Landon picked out Jeff's Birthday cake. Tiger ring cupcakes. hahahaha! Believe it or not, they were really GOOD!!!!


I bought some blackberries the other day at the store. I didn't know if Landon would like them or not so I put some on his plate at dinner time. (I've been a short order cook this week since the Festival of Homes is going on in Norman. Jeff's been working later into the evening. Landon & I have been eating before Jeff gets home.) I was making myself something to eat & when I sat down at the table, I noticed that Landon "gobbled" up the blackberries I had given to him. That evening Jeff gave Landon a bath & he came walking into the kitchen carrying Landon's shorts. He asked me what I gave Landon to eat for dinner. I asked, him "why"? He lifted up Landon's shorts, & said, "this is why". I just starting laughing. Landon put the blackberries in his pockets. They got smashed why he was playing around after dinner. I guess he doesn't care for blackberries.

Wichita visit

We went to Wichita to visit my family last week. While we were there, we took Landon to the YMCA's outdoor pool. Landon enjoyed the slides, the splash area, & the lazy river ride that his aunt Lacy took him on against his will. (only kidding) He also "performed" for us. He learned to spin around in a circle in the pool. hahahaha!

I took some pictures of Landon & his cousin Judah. There's also a picture of Landon running over to greet his Mr. Randy & NeeNee as they arrived at the pool.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My funny man....

Our weekend with AZ Gtops

Greg, Susanne, Lauren, Joshua, & Brennan flew out from Phoenix last week. They spent the weekend with us here in Norman. I attached some pictures from our weekend.

4th of July!

The AZ Gtops spent the 4th of July with us. We went to the parade in Edmond & had a BBQ with family & friends afterwards.

I attached pictures: