Monday, September 29, 2008

Story time

I'm no longer teaching preschool 4 days a week now. It was too hard on Landon. His teacher would usually bring him to me during class time & he would tell me every time, "I'm ready to go home." I decided this just isn't the right time to teach, & Landon & I are back at home.
I've been trying to stay busy, & we've been going over to the library more. One of the things I just love about Norman, OK is the cities community activities. The public library is terrific in Norman. Their children's section is incredible. I'm obviously not the only person who feels this way because every time we go over to the library, it's full of other children & their families. In the past, Landon would never sit still for story time, he just wanted to go play in the children's area, but now, he's very attentive.The librarians, are full of energy, & they make the story time experience not only fun for the kids, but also the adults.
I took a picture of Landon getting into the music portion of story time today.

workin' out the wiggles

Anyone who in familar with my son knows that he is a very active "little man". I can't take my eyes off of him for a minute....even at home. Last week we borrowed this mini trampoline from Jeff's parents. Every day before nap time & bed time, I pull it out into the living room, turn on upbeat music, & I have Landon jump for nearly 20 minutes. It works out his "wiggles" & he's usually ready for bed by the time he's done. It's been good exercise for me & him both!

Hair cut @ underwear

There's nothing like a hair cut at can dress in anything garment you like, just be comfortable!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gramma's Birthday

We went to Tulsa on Wednesday to help celebrate Gramma Lyndia's birthday. We took her out to dinner....Casa Bonita. (just the place every grandma wants to go to eat, right?) The food was awful of course, but we had so much FUN while we were there. Landon enjoyed the arcade area, & I think the adults enjoyed the magic show more than Landon did.

Afterwards, we went over to Auntie Ann's house. (gramma's sister) Landon thought Auntie Ann's cat, Miss Daisy, was sooooo sweet. He just wanted to pet her the entire visit.

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jack's Party

Landon was invited to Jack's Birthday party on Saturday. Jack's mommy & I use to teach the two year old at Go Kids together. Jack & Landon have been in the same class for the last year together.

Landon & Jack were hitting each other with birthday balloons & LAUGHING!
We had such a GOOD time...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dr. GrabUp

Lately I've been working with Landon on learning his full name.

When he pronounces our last name he says, "GrabUp".

Landon's really into imagination play. Yesterday he was in the bath tub playing & he told me he was Dr. GrabUp. He shouted for daddy to come into the bathroom. When Jeff arrived, he told him to sit down... he wanted to listen to his heart to see if it was broken! hahahaha....Jeff & I started LAUGHING!!!

Zoo Day!

Ms. Rose called me this week(she & I use to work together at Gymboree). She invited Landon & I to join her & her daughter, Greta, at the OKC Zoo. Out of the three years we have lived in the OKC area, this visit was probably the most unique. The animals were more active than usually. I assume it was because of the beautiful weather....

The bears were playing together, the snakes were moving around rather than laying in one spot curled up, & the condor had it wings spread completely out. (Rose & I were standing there in disbelief that the condors wingspan was nearly 10 feet wide!!!) Landon loved watching the snakes & the sea lion most of all.
I was very proud of Landon for listening to me when I asked him to stop or to wait for me. But I did have a make one time out spot while we were at the zoo. The picture of him on his bottom, crying is him in time out. hahahahaha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never did forget that time...

The other night I was talking to Lacy on the phone & the conversation was about our fondest memories of Judah & I told her of mine. Prior to being a parent, or a wife for that matter, I was visiting my married, little sister one fall weekend. I learned quickly that boys are a handful! While visiting, Judah, her son, he happened to get something on his pants. Tired of changing him for the numerous time that particular day, she just picked him up & scrubbed the "mess" off his pants. I just remember laughing ...yet, now I find myself doing the same thing frequently with Landon. Lacy & I are nearly 5 years apart, but we have changed rolls. To me she's the older sister & I'm the younger sister because of our life experiences. hahaha...


Tonight I was looking through pictures....this is one of my most favorite photos...I love it. Landon was only 5 days old. We just brought him home from the hospital on Thanksgiving day. My mom noticed the doubled rainbow outside that Friday following. Althought tired, I agree to have my picture taken holding Landon in the mist of the rain & the double rainbow.

Every time I look at this photo I see God's blessing. One rainbow for Landon & one rainbow for Jeff & I. (since we are married, Jeff & I are one in God's eyes)
"Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to all whom God favors."-Luke 2:14

Friday, September 12, 2008

Landon waved to President Bush today!

This morning Landon & I were playing in the living room. I had the Today Show on when our local news channel broke in to broadcast the arrival of President Bush in Oklahoma City. President Bush landed at Tinker Air Force Base & was only going to be in OKC for about four hours this morning. He was passing out a few awards, & raising money for the McCain Campaign at a luncheon in NE OKC. The media followed President Bush as he was escorts throughout the city & I noticed that there were people along the highway waiving to him as his brigade of cars passed by.
Around 11:00 am I thought I would take Landon up to the base in hopes to get a glimpse of President Bush driving by & to watch Air Force One take off. Out of all days, Jeff needed my camera. I ended up stopping at the store to buy a disposable camera, PLUS I picked up a few America Flags.
When I arrived at the base, I noticed several people sitting out in front of Oklahoma Welcome Center which is directly in front of Tinker A.F.B. AND to top it off, there is a playgroup next to the welcome center. It was perfect! Landon played on the playground while we waited for President Bush to drive by. You couldn't park on the same street as the base. There were police officers & fire fighters lined up all long the access road.
Around one o'clock the east bound lane on I-40 had stopped, & moments later, here came nearly 30 police motorcylce officers, 3 black limousines waiving the American Flag, tailed by several police cars, white SUV's, & EMSA. There's an 8 foot fence that protects the park from the passing cars on the hwy, so I handed Landon the American Flags that I purchased this morning, & we ran up to the fence to waive at President Bush as he drove by. Landon waved his flags & shouted out "Hi President Bush!" hahahaha! He was so precious.
We walked back to the other end of the welcome center & a few moments later, Air Force One took off. The plane was off in the distance, but there's no mistaking what plane was taking off...Air Force One is massive!
One of my memories of growing up in Wichita involves the Air Force One. Obviously Wichita is known for it's aircraft, & when I was in grade school & part of junior high, Boeing was building the current Air Force One back in the late 80's. Before it was painted, the plane's steel was like a mirror & it was green! Air Force One would do touch & go's over Wichita. It would start out at McConnell A.F.B. & land at Wichita's, Mid-Continent airport. My grade school was close to the airport & I can still remember playing outside during recess & watching Air Force One fly over our school's playground. The plane was fairly low to the ground because it was approaching the airport, & I remember my school mates & I could see ourselves (like looking into a mirror) from the mirror-like steel on the Air Force One, expect we were green. hahahaha!
I told Landon today that his Great Grandpa John, & his Mr. Randy (my dad) helped build Air Force One. He looked a little puzzled when I told him that. hahahaha!
One the way home Landon kept asking me repeatedly, "Where did President Bush go?" hahaha!
I look forward to sharing with Landon when he gets older, that when he was 2 years old, he waved at an American President.
Pictures will follow soon....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Between The Lions

The PBS show "In Between The Lions" came to the OKC Zoo today. I took Landon & his friend, Eve, to the show. Landon's best pal, Joshua, & Joshua's brother, Jonah, joined us as well. I was very impressed with the show. The music was definitely had Jonah "groovin'." (He's only 1) Landon was a little "freaked out" when the show started up. He dug his head into my chest & had a "death grip" on my neck! hahahahaha....Once he realized it was okay, he got into the show more. The kids even received free books for coming out to the show! Afterwards, Jen (Joshua & Jonah's mommy) & I took the kids into the zoo.

It was raining off & on throughout the day, but it was very refreshing. I think Jen & I got more of a workout then the kids. I felt like most of the day involved pushing strollers uphill. hahahaha!

We got home late afternoon & both Landon & Eve "pooped out." I think Eve would have kept on sleeping way into the night if I hadn't have waken her up nearly 2 hours into her nap. I was afraid she'd stay up until midnight. I don't think her mom & dad would have appreciated that! Her afternoon slumber reassured me that we had a GREAT DAY!

actin' like a big boy

I don't think that Landon realizes that he's only 2. (almost 3) I think he's just convinced that he's a short man in a tall world. (similar to his daddy....hahaha) The other day I took Landon & the dogs out for a walk & when we returned home some of the neighborhood boys were playing "gotcha" or guns..whatever you want to call it. Landon wanted to go into the house & get his laser gun his Mr. Randy & NeeNee got for him, & join the boys. A little anxious, mainly because the boys are older, I told Landon he could play for just a little bit as long as the boys played in our yard where I could watch. Two of the boys playing belong to a neighbor of mine, who I know, & her boys are very gentle & friendly towards Landon. Billy & Ryan were so sweet. They helped Landon created a "base" to hide behind. They would holler out "I'll cover you Landon, GO!" hahahaha....I enjoyed watching Landon play with the neighborhood kids& I couldn't stop laughing!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where's Jeff steak?

Landon & I were laying low this weekend. Both of us were a little under the weather. By Sunday evening, Landon had a lot of restless energy. He kept letting the dogs in & out from the back yard. I started to make dinner when Jeff called to tell me he had two families show up at closing time & he would be late getting home from work. By 6:00 pm I was ready for a parental break. I seriously needed Jeff home. Landon was running around going wild! Of course it didn't help that I was trying to make dinner either. I had told Jeff prior to him leaving for work that day, that I had bought steaks & that was what I was planning on making for dinner that evening. I know he was eager to get home to enjoy one of his most favorite meals. Knowing Jeff was going to be late, I went ahead & served Landon & I dinner. I figured that might keep Landon busy for a minute or two. By 7:00, Jeff called to tell me he was only 3 minutes away from home. A sense of relief came over me!But, once again, Landon unlocked the back door while I wasn't looking & let the dogs in the house. (I don't mind the dogs in the house, but when it's nice outside, that's were they belong) Again, I put the dogs outside in the back yard, & told Landon to join me in the front yard to look for daddy's car driving up the street. A few moments later, Jeff arrived home. We played with Landon outside for a minute & Jeff told me, "I'm starving!" I reminded him that I made steaks. We went inside the house, Jeff went to change out of his work clothes, & I went into the kitchen to put his dinner plate together. When I got to the stove, I noticed that Jeff's steak was missing. I stood in front of the stove dumbfounded! I kept thinking to myself, "I know I made him a was right here." I turned around, & I looked under the table. There I found our newly adopted dog, Sassy... she was nearly done eating Jeff's entire steak!!!!! I knew Sassy knew she was in trouble. Even though she was still eating Jeff's steak, her tail was tucked under her bottom. I shouted out, "Sassy!" She took off running. hahahaha! Just as I caught her, Jeff came into the kitchen & said, "What's wrong?" I pointed at the pan on the stove. "Sassy ate your steak." I started to laugh...When I put the dogs out before taking Landon out into the front yard to watch for Jeff, I didn't noticed that Sassy didn't run out into the back yard with Tuffy & Speck. She obviously was still in the house. I guess Sassy couldn't control herself with the smell of steak lingering in the air & absolutely no human around. She somehow found a way to jump onto the counter top, walk over to the stove & run off with Jeff's steak. hahahahaha!
Jeff's facial expression reminded me of the "Old Man" from the 80's Christmas Story with Peter Billingsly In the movie, the neighbors, the Bumpses, had coon dogs that busted into Ralphies's mothers' kitchen & ate the families' turkey Christmas dinner. I began to laugh even more when Jeff's next response after discovering that the dog had eaten his steak was, "I guess I'll just go to Taco Bell for dinner." hahahahahaha....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grandparent's Day

Friday was Grandparent day at Go Kids. Landon's Gramma, Lyndia, joined him & his classmates. The kids song to the Grandparents, shared a snacked, & made a card especially for their grandparents. Afterwards, Gramma Lyndia took Landon to lunch, Taco Bell, (his favorite) & then to Target. He came home with all sorts of "goodies".
What a special day!

Cleveland County Fair

We took Landon over to the county fair this week. I think it took a whole 20 minutes to view the entire fair...hahahaha!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Amigo's

Jeff said to me the other night, "How come you're the one that bring all these damn dogs home, yet they all lay on top of me?" I just laughed at him & took pictures of our "Three Amigo's."

We found Sassy a month ago, & we've fallen in love with her. She's so sweet, very gentle towards Landon, & we're convinced that both Speck & Sassy have a little "love affair' going on. She kisses Speck, chases Speck, she always sitting next to Speck, she even puts her arm around him too. The other day she was laying side by side with Speck in the backyard stroking his head with her paw! I was crackin' up.

She dominates the relationship like most women do, & today I found Sassy laying next to Tuffy with her arm on Tuffy head starring at Speck. Jeff said, "I think she's trying to make Speck jealous."hahahahaha....
We're enjoying our doxie troop here at the Grattopp house.

Monday, September 1, 2008


My Uncle Doug & Aunt Jan, or as Landon calls them, Aunt Doug & Uncle Jan, hosted a Labor Day pool party at their home in Tulsa. Landon & I drove to Tulsa on Sunday to "party". Landon, my little water-bug, had soooooo much fun swimming. He was the 1st one in the pool, & almost the last one to get out. I had to bribe him with cupcakes just to get him out of the pool to take a break & drink some water. My parents join us, as well as my grandmom, Barbara. Doug's brother & his kids were there with their kids. Landon got to swim with Kip & Jack. We had a GREAT time! Jan & Doug made a nice dinner for all of us too! I'm still full from yesterday.

Landon enjoyed playing with Taco & my cousin Kurt. Landon thought Taco was such a funny dog. Especially when Taco came over to Landon & watched him while Landon was eating cheese slices. (Taco's favorite treat..hahahaha) One of Doug's nephews, Casey, got a work out. Landon kept asking Casey to throw him really high up into the air & Casey would catch Landon before he would hit the pool water. Landon kept shouting out "again...again". Around 6:30 pm Landon had had enough fun, & we didn't even make it a mile from Jan & Doug's house before he fell asleep in the car. It made for a peacefully ride home for me. The only two people missing yesterday were Jeff (working) & my cousin Kristi (Jan & Doug's daugther) who is in Saipan working as a journalist for their local paper. Thanks Jan & Doug for an incredible day....