Wednesday, September 10, 2008

actin' like a big boy

I don't think that Landon realizes that he's only 2. (almost 3) I think he's just convinced that he's a short man in a tall world. (similar to his daddy....hahaha) The other day I took Landon & the dogs out for a walk & when we returned home some of the neighborhood boys were playing "gotcha" or guns..whatever you want to call it. Landon wanted to go into the house & get his laser gun his Mr. Randy & NeeNee got for him, & join the boys. A little anxious, mainly because the boys are older, I told Landon he could play for just a little bit as long as the boys played in our yard where I could watch. Two of the boys playing belong to a neighbor of mine, who I know, & her boys are very gentle & friendly towards Landon. Billy & Ryan were so sweet. They helped Landon created a "base" to hide behind. They would holler out "I'll cover you Landon, GO!" hahahaha....I enjoyed watching Landon play with the neighborhood kids& I couldn't stop laughing!

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