Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Amigo's

Jeff said to me the other night, "How come you're the one that bring all these damn dogs home, yet they all lay on top of me?" I just laughed at him & took pictures of our "Three Amigo's."

We found Sassy a month ago, & we've fallen in love with her. She's so sweet, very gentle towards Landon, & we're convinced that both Speck & Sassy have a little "love affair' going on. She kisses Speck, chases Speck, she always sitting next to Speck, she even puts her arm around him too. The other day she was laying side by side with Speck in the backyard stroking his head with her paw! I was crackin' up.

She dominates the relationship like most women do, & today I found Sassy laying next to Tuffy with her arm on Tuffy head starring at Speck. Jeff said, "I think she's trying to make Speck jealous."hahahahaha....
We're enjoying our doxie troop here at the Grattopp house.

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