Saturday, September 20, 2008

Zoo Day!

Ms. Rose called me this week(she & I use to work together at Gymboree). She invited Landon & I to join her & her daughter, Greta, at the OKC Zoo. Out of the three years we have lived in the OKC area, this visit was probably the most unique. The animals were more active than usually. I assume it was because of the beautiful weather....

The bears were playing together, the snakes were moving around rather than laying in one spot curled up, & the condor had it wings spread completely out. (Rose & I were standing there in disbelief that the condors wingspan was nearly 10 feet wide!!!) Landon loved watching the snakes & the sea lion most of all.
I was very proud of Landon for listening to me when I asked him to stop or to wait for me. But I did have a make one time out spot while we were at the zoo. The picture of him on his bottom, crying is him in time out. hahahahaha!

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Jeanie said...

What a mean Mommy, putting that precious baby in time out.