Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Between The Lions

The PBS show "In Between The Lions" came to the OKC Zoo today. I took Landon & his friend, Eve, to the show. Landon's best pal, Joshua, & Joshua's brother, Jonah, joined us as well. I was very impressed with the show. The music was definitely had Jonah "groovin'." (He's only 1) Landon was a little "freaked out" when the show started up. He dug his head into my chest & had a "death grip" on my neck! hahahahaha....Once he realized it was okay, he got into the show more. The kids even received free books for coming out to the show! Afterwards, Jen (Joshua & Jonah's mommy) & I took the kids into the zoo.

It was raining off & on throughout the day, but it was very refreshing. I think Jen & I got more of a workout then the kids. I felt like most of the day involved pushing strollers uphill. hahahaha!

We got home late afternoon & both Landon & Eve "pooped out." I think Eve would have kept on sleeping way into the night if I hadn't have waken her up nearly 2 hours into her nap. I was afraid she'd stay up until midnight. I don't think her mom & dad would have appreciated that! Her afternoon slumber reassured me that we had a GREAT DAY!

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