Monday, September 1, 2008


My Uncle Doug & Aunt Jan, or as Landon calls them, Aunt Doug & Uncle Jan, hosted a Labor Day pool party at their home in Tulsa. Landon & I drove to Tulsa on Sunday to "party". Landon, my little water-bug, had soooooo much fun swimming. He was the 1st one in the pool, & almost the last one to get out. I had to bribe him with cupcakes just to get him out of the pool to take a break & drink some water. My parents join us, as well as my grandmom, Barbara. Doug's brother & his kids were there with their kids. Landon got to swim with Kip & Jack. We had a GREAT time! Jan & Doug made a nice dinner for all of us too! I'm still full from yesterday.

Landon enjoyed playing with Taco & my cousin Kurt. Landon thought Taco was such a funny dog. Especially when Taco came over to Landon & watched him while Landon was eating cheese slices. (Taco's favorite treat..hahahaha) One of Doug's nephews, Casey, got a work out. Landon kept asking Casey to throw him really high up into the air & Casey would catch Landon before he would hit the pool water. Landon kept shouting out "again...again". Around 6:30 pm Landon had had enough fun, & we didn't even make it a mile from Jan & Doug's house before he fell asleep in the car. It made for a peacefully ride home for me. The only two people missing yesterday were Jeff (working) & my cousin Kristi (Jan & Doug's daugther) who is in Saipan working as a journalist for their local paper. Thanks Jan & Doug for an incredible day....

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Lacy said...

Glad to see no one else was missed!
(Only "Two" people?)
-Signed Chopped Liver :)