Saturday, August 30, 2008

Touch Down PITT STATE!!!!

(Here I am at the Homecoming 2005, 7 months pregnant with Landon. Jen, my college room mate & I look like a lesbian couple...hahahahaha! I'm not sure why she wanted to pose with her hand on my belly...hahahaha!)

As almost every one knows, I graduated from Pittsburg State University nine years ago. I'm always braggin' about my school, & tonight I got to share a little bit of my college & childhood experience with Landon. This evening, Pittsburg State University played University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK. Pittsburg is a little over a four hour drive for us now that we live in Norman, so we jumped on the chance to see Pitt State play here in the OKC area. Jeff & I took Landon to his 1st ever Pitt State football game!(unless you count the homecoming game in 2005 when I was 7 months pregnant with Landon) My Aunt Jan & Uncle Doug, who also graduated from PSU, drove over from Tulsa tonight to watch the game as well. Sitting with Jan & Doug at the game tonight was so nice, we were excited to spend some time with our family while we watched the football game. Landon was so cute...he would shout out loud, "Go Pitt State", "Wake up ref", "1st down PITT STATE". hahahaha! But the highlight of Landon's evening was when Gus, the Gorilla, came over to give him a high-five & take a picture with him. Landon thought Gus was pretty "cool".

When I was a kid, I remember going to the games with my family when we'd go over to Pittsburg to visit my grandparent. Of course tonight was nothing like being in Pittsburg on game day since the game was in Edmond, but we sure did have a good time....

TOUCH DOWN PITT STATE.....AND, of course PSU won!

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