Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jeff? What? the Yankees?

This past week you would have thought that Jeff received the phone call of his life! hahahaha...Jeff's older brother called, & told Jeff, "Let's go to New York in two weeks, visit Yankee stadium before they tear it down, & watch Cody play for the Yankees." Jeff has been on "Cloud 9" ever since Greg called. Greg & Jeff have been talking about going out to New York to see Yankee stadium before they tear it down for so long now, but now it's even more exciting, because Jeff's childhood friend is currently playing for the Yankees...Cody Ransom. Cody got called up a month ago for Jason Giambi, & he's been playing sooooooooo GOOOOOD!!!! Cody's already had two home runs these last few weeks!
Cody has played for the Giants, the Astros, & now the Yankees. Every spring & summer, Jeff & I usually get an opportunity to see Cody play here in OKC. His former farm team, the Round Rock, plays the OKC Redhawks. Cody is always so nice. Even if Jeff & I don't call ahead to let Cody know we're coming to the game, Cody will still leave tickets for us at will call. He assumes Jeff & I will usually make it out to the game if he's playing the Redhawks. AND of course we always come out to watch Cody play.
Jeff spoke to Cody the other night, & he's planning on leaving tickets at will call for Jeff at Yankee Stadium next weekend.
So now it's turned into a brothers weekend. Greg, Jeff, & Matthew are flying out to New York to see a Yankees game. I asked Jeff is he's going to wear his cubs t-shirt. He laughed...he told me he just playing on watching the game, not getting beat up. hahahahaha...
The pictures above are Jeff talking to Cody before the ball game here in OKC last summer, Landon watching Cody play with daddy, & of course Cody.
Be watching out for Cody playing for the YANKEES....

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