Saturday, August 2, 2008

Night at the ball park

Jeff & I have been going to Redhawks games since we began dating. His high school buddy, Cody Randsom, has played ball for almost 10 years now. At least once or twice a year, Cody's triple-A team will play against the Oklahoma Redhawks. What's nice about that is Cody "hooks" us up with AWESOME seats. Tonight was the first night that Jeff & I have ever had to purchase tickets....BUT, with good reason. Jeff is a collector of bobbleheads. He's got some really impressive one's too. But tonight, the Oklahoma Redhawks were giving away Mickey Mantle Bobbleheads to the first 2,500 people attending the game.

Jeff, obviously wanted to go, but wouldn't get off work until 6:00. The game started at 7:05. So I told him I would get down there early & try to get a Bobblehead. Landon & I arrived at 5:00 & there was a long line of people trying to buy tickets. I started to get nervous. The whole point of going to the game was to get Jeff a bobblehead. As luck would have it, Landon & I were one of the last few guest to get a bobblehead. AND they gave one to Landon & one to me. Excited, we actually stayed & watched the game for a while...despite the 107 degree weather. It didn't matter to Landon, he had a blast!!!!

Ihop was promoting their restaurant at the game, & they had a pancake mascot there, which Landon thought was totally funny. He waved at the pancake & I took picture of course. Landon & Jeff were throwing popcorn at each other & trying to catch it in their mouths.

Lately, I've been getting e-mails asking why there are no picture of me posted on our blog. That's because I'm the designated camera-man. So Jeff took a picture of me holding Mickey. Here I am.....I exist.


Kristi said...

He collects bobbleheads? Hmm...I hope he got hooked on that himself and wasnt influenced by someone (cough, my dad). Was Landon scared of the giant cookie (or whatever it was)? I'm not going to lie, I think I would have been a little scared of it

Mr. Randy said...

Those are too cool! Can you imagine how hot the pancake dude had to be in that outfit? Looks like a lot of fun!
Mr. Randy

Lacy said...

Judah likes the "giant cookie" picture!