Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pikes Peak Ascent, take 2

Today, right now as I type this, all I can think about is my sister, Lacy, & my dad, Randy. They are jogging/climbing up Pikes Peak. As a kid, we spent a great deal of time sitting at the finish line waiting for my uncle's, Doug & Jim, my dad, & my granddad Bob, to finish whatever run they were participating in. The Wichita River Run, the Tulsa Run, the Gorilla Grind, etc. Little did I know that my dad always dreamt of one day running the Pike Peaks Ascent in Colorado. It's a very difficult race, & you have to have qualifying times to even participate in this event. Three years ago, my sister decided to lose a little weight & get more fit. Lacy says it started out by just eating healthier foods & taking a jog around the block. Next thing you know, she's jogging around Wichita. After that, she began entering in races. Then she took on her biggest challenge of all, running the Oklahoma City Marathon in 2007. Some where along the way, my dad broke out his jogging shoes, & started joining her. He eventually told her about his dream of running the Pikes Peak Ascent. So, last summer, my dad & sister did it! It was an enduring experience for each of them.( a bonding experience too) Listening to them talk about how they had to pull their bodies up these huge boulders the last few miles, & how they referred to it as "near death"was enough for me to believe they both are border line crazy. hahaha....OH, yeah, & then my dad asked if I would consider running it with them this year. I just laughed...(secretly, I tried jogging again, & when I got out & started my run, I forgot how much I hated it) My parents asked us to go with them this year, just for support, plus Mantiou Spring is so much FUN! We planned on joining my family, but we were unable to make it at the last minute. So now I'm sitting here wishing I was there.....I mean in Mantiou Springs hanging out with my mom , brother in law, Kenton, & nephew Judah. Not jogging up Pike's Peak this very moment. hahahaha!
Note to parents: Be sure to bring back some of that AWESOME white wine we drank last year....yumm!!!!

It's funny how God can instill something in someone else to help inspire you to complete your dreams.
My dad doesn't look his age at all.....take a guess, how old do you think he is? (only twenty years older than me)
I love that picture of my dad running above.

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