Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cyndi's Wedding

This weekend we went over to Tulsa. My dear friend Cyndi got married on Saturday. Cyndi & I use to work as sales reps for a company called TGI. We became fast friends, & she even helped Jeff & I get plugged into a church family at the Kirk of the Hills. Now, Cyndi is the Kirk's youth pastor! I have to say that of all the weddings I've attended or been a part of, Cyndi's wedding was the most romantic. Her & Dan are truly in love. You can tell that God chose Cyndi to be Dan's, & Dan to be Cyndi's.What a gift from God they both received in each other. After their pastor, Daniel May, (looking back, Jeff & I wished we would have asked Daniel to marry us) announced that Dan & Cyndi are now husband & wife, Dan kissed Cyndi, picked her up, & carried her out of the sanctuary! Every one was laughing, shouting, & shedding tears. It was an incredible ceremony...

I think every one felt the same way...Cyndi has waited so patiently, & you couldn't ask for a better man to come into her life, cherish her, & love her the way Dan does. Jeff & I are very happy for the Cyndi.

Tracy, I apologize that Jeff & I slipped out of the reception without saying good-bye. I couldn't get your attention as we were leaving. We enjoyed seeing you & David. Keep in touch!!!! Next time we're in Tulsa, I'll been Landon by to play with your boys.

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