Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our friend...Ollie

I team teach with a young lady named Chris. She looks a lot like my sister, Lacy & she's the same age as Lacy too. Saturday Ms. Chris was in a little bit of a dilemma. Her daughter, Eve, got invited to a Birthday/Pool party & her husband got called into work. Ms. Chris didn't think she would be able to manage two children at a pool party, so she called & Landon & I to asked if we would watch her 3 month old son, Oliver. (They call him Ollie) Landon & I said YES, without any hesitation. Landon found Ollie to be so funny & vice versa for Ollie with Landon. We read books to Ollie, we song to Ollie, & we even had to give Ollie a bath. (He had a MAJOR blowout after he drank his bottle) Landon didn't understand why we had to be quite & play in his room when Ollie was taking a nap. I was so proud of Landon. He was very gentle towards Ollie, but he had a few moments where he wanted to held & loved on too. We had a nice afternoon with our friend, Ollie.

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