Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 boxes of goodies in one day!

Landon had a BIG day today...we got home from school & there was a package sitting on the porch. It was from his uncle Mac. (Jeff's little brother Matt) Matt went to Chicago last week & picked out a couple T-shirts for Jeff & Landon while he was at the Cubs game. The Grattopp boys are HUGE cubby fans. Their grandpa Dunegan introduce Greg & Jeff to the cubs when they were just "little tikes". Matthew, being 12 years younger than Jeff, fell in line as a Cubs fan as well. Now...here comes the next generation of Cubs fan.
Later that evening, the door bell rang, & it was the UPS man. He had another package for Landon. This time it was from his Mr. Randy & NeeNee. Inside the box was a laser gun that makes wonderful noises (yeah, as long as you cover your ears), 2 airplanes, & an army tank. I called my folks, & my dad says to Landon, "Did you get a box of toys?" Landon says to him, "yeah, & it goes, RRRRRREEEERRRR". He was making airplane noises for my dad. My parents went on vacation & stay with some of our relatives in Virigina. Along the way they collected some pretty cool toys just for Landon....I think they had me in mind when they discovered the laser gun. I can hear my folks thoughts now, "Let's get the most annoying toy in this place, & give it Landon...we'll get Kari back for all the nights she missed her 11:30 pm curfew when she was in high school. Who's the sneaky one now....chuckle, chuckle, laugh, laugh."


Lacy said...

the tank makes a "lovely" noise too!
Eye yi yi!

Mr. Randy said...

I love when a plan comes together! Even it it takes a few years!
-Mr. Randy