Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dr. GrabUp

Landon enjoys playing doctor. I found a toy doctors kit the other day & I bought it for him. He turned his "burger shack" into a doctors office. All his babies have been receiving medical exams & their shots the last few days. I was making dinner Sunday night & I found Landon in the corner of the kitchen examing Sassy's ears. He informed me that she's alright. hahahahaha...


Nasty weather hit Oklahoma Monday & Tuesday! We had a wintery-mix....snow, sleet, ice. It covered the ground & from the moment Landon woke up, he wanted to go play outside & make a snowman. With the wind chill, it was6 degrees outside, so we didn't spend more than 20 minutes playing in our snow covered yard. (We played in the front yard due to the "yard bombs" covered by the snow in the backyard left from our beloved puppies...hahaha!) Since it was so cold, we didn't have enough time to make a snowman. BUT, I taugh Landon how to make a snow angel & he really enjoyed jumping in the drifts & kicking the snow. We even threw snowballs at the mail box. (boys.,.they loved to try & de-face proverty) I enjoyed watching Landon experience playing outside in the snow. It's all new to him & so much FUN! As an adult, I hate it. Driving in it, shoveling it, etc. I had to think back as to when I was a kid....I remember making miniture snowman with my sister using Mom's tupperware bowls. That was fun!

Sleeping dogs with their Mommy

Look at Sassy sleeping on top of Speck....hahahaha!!!

Hair Castle

Yesterday Landon ran into the kitchen & said to me, "Mommy, do you like my castle?" Confused, I asked, "What castle?" "My hair castle" he said. I started laughing! He asked Jeff to style his hair. Jeff styled Landon's hair into a mohawk. Landon seemed to think his hair looked like a castle.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Do this"

Landon was in a really silly mood on Saturday. Jeff & I were teasing him & he just wouldn't stop laughing. Landon was wearing athletic pants that would slide on & off easily. Jeff & I being the "rotten" parents that we are, began to tease Landon. I would distract Landon with a "What's that?" and I would point to the other side of the room. Landon would follow my finger & turn & look, before he'd know it, Jeff would "de-pants" him. Landon would start laughing, & he would yell at us, to "Stop it." hahahaha....So, we'd do it again.hahaha... After the 3rd time, Landon was on to us, & he began to hold up his pants. So then we tried something different. We played the "Do this" game, where he had to mimic our arm movements until his arms were up over his head.Then we would tickle him. Landon thought that was REALLY funny. After the 3rd or 4th time of playing, "Do this," & tickling Landon, we told Landon, "Okay, it's your turn to do it to us." Thinking that Landon would say to us, "Do this," we realized he was confused. Instead of folding his arms & he "de-pants" himself. hahahahaha....

One hot dog, please!

Saturday evening Jeff got home late. We had a late dinner & afterwards we all got ready for bed & played a little longer than usual. Before Landon went to bed, he wanted to play in his "Burger Shack." This clip is kind-of cute...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last week Jeff's aunt & uncle sent us a few Christmas gifts & one of Landon's gifts was a hippo named Herschel. Herschel also came with a friend, another hippo who Landon has named, Marshall. Marshall is a girl, so Landon has explained to me, and she doesn't like Herschel...so they don't play with Herschel. hahahaha...Marshall spends a lot of time with Landon. In fact, she got her first bath this week. Landon dropped her in the toilet while he was going potty. (I didn't know he took Marshall in the bath room & was holding her while he did his busy...hahaha!) This morning, I had to hold Marshall several times for Landon. I even had to dance with her while we played. But, I was told I wasn't dancing with her right, so he took her from me. Marshall also joined us while we went grocery shopping & also to sonic. I had to promise Landon that she could share some of my drink. I was informed during lunch time that Marshall also wanted applesauce, strawberries, and mac'n'cheese just like Landon was having. OH, and a spoon. I took a picture of Marshall having lunch with her favorite friend too. After lunch, Landon, Marshall, & I played with Landon's Mr. Potato heads, but he didn't care how Marshall put her Mr. Potato Head together. hahaha....At the moment, Landon & Marshall are napping. She's snugged down in his bed covers laying next to him. Sweet Marshall...or more like Sweet Landon! ( I don't get a chance to say that very much, normally it's "all boy" Landon)

Zoo & Doctor visit

Monday was abusy day for us. We took Landon to the zoo Monday morning. The animals were out & about during our visit. One of the wild turkey's spotted Landon through the glass & walked right up to him. They looked each over a little & we moved on. The black bears were out & Landon joined several other kids up against the glass to get a better look at the bears. One day walked right alone the glass, & while all the other kids jumped back from the glass as the bear passed by, Landon stood right up against the glass. He was frightened at all. hahaha....

After the zoo, we took Landon to his get his wellness check up with Dr. Schrader. While, play at home, Landon is always pertending that he's Dr. Schrader. Stu is great with Landon, and so comforting. I can't get over how Stu & Stacy are so much alike. (Stacy's my best friend & Stu's her brother, Landon's pediatrician) Landon's developing is just fine. He's over 50% in very category but his height. (Poor little guy. I hope he's at least 3 inches taller than Jeff when he's an adult.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here we go again...

Landon...what can I say about Landon, besides that he is truly ALL BOY! He did one of the most boyish thing he could possibly do today. This morning I put on a cartoon for him before I went to change my clothes in my bath room. When I left the living room, I told him where I was going & what I was doing. I asked him to stay on the floor, watch his cartoon, & continue playing with his train set. He said "okay." While I was changing, I noticed that he had let the dogs in the house. I walked the dogs back outside & I told Landon the dogs need to say outside, & don't open the back door again. I asked him to keep watching his cartoon, & play with his train set. He said "okay." While I was changing, he came into my bath room. He said, "Mommy, I have something in my nose." At first I thought he had a "boogie." But as I was cleaning up his nose, I noticed it was something else. I asked him what it was? He just kept pointing as his nose. I walked him into the living room & that's when I discovered styrofoam on the living room floor. Earlier in the week, we received a package with styrofoam in the box. I thought I must of cut a piece off when I opened the package, & he found it laying on the floor. I started to panic! I tried showing him how to blow it out, that didn't work, I tried to get it out with a suction-bulb, that didn't work, I even tried tweezers. Nothing worked! I called our doctor & she gave me some helpful suggestions. I tried what she recommend. THAT DIDN'T WORK! I called neighbors, & the one neighbor I got a hold of me to help said, "That's too far lodged up his nose. You should take him to the ER." Pete was right. I needed medical help. The doctor at the ER was extremely helpful & had the necessary tool to remove the Styrofoam. When she pulled the piece out of Landon's nose, we began to LAUGH...I think we were in SHOCK!!! This piece of Styrofoam was HUGE!!! I would have never been able to pull it out on my own. I think I turned 3 shades of red from embarrassment. But she reassured me that Landon was her SECOND patience of the day with this same problem. The patience before was 6 & he shoved a lego up his nose! hahahahaha! When the doctor left the room I asked Landon where he found the Styrofoam. He told me that when he let the dogs in the house this morning, it was laying on the back patio. He stepped outside, picked it up, & shoved it in his nose. OH MY!!! I had to talk to him about not putting things up his nose, then I had to talk to him about not opening up the back door & walking outside when I'm not presence. When I got home, I had message after message on my cell phone. Everyone had called concerned about Landon. Of course all day long I have heard story after story about how "this one time, such'n'such put a rock up his nose, raisin up his nose, pea up his nose, etc". What's even more funny is all the stories are about boys...I've yet to hear about a girl doing this....hahahahah! It must be a boy thing!
I attached a picture of what the Styrofoam piece looked like. It's not the actual piece, but nearly identical. (the original piece had mucus & blood all over it...yuck!) Landon is doing fine. He's taking a nap & I'm trying to wrap my brain around what just happened.

Friday, January 16, 2009

To Mr. Randy & NeeNee

Happy Anniversary! Love, The OKC-Gtops

Saturday, January 10, 2009

our puppies, Tuffy, Speck, & Sassy

I know most everyone thinks that's it ridiculous that we have three dogs. These three are also our babies. They have such different personalities, & interests. Speck is our most entertaining pup. He is an excellence fetcher & he is soooooo funny when he beggs for food. He sits up on his bottom, & waits for scraps of food. We call his stance "Stick'em up." He looks like he's being held up. hahahaha! Sassy is the sweetest out of all three. She cuddles up with you, & she really likes looking at books. There's been a few time where we have read some of Landon's kids books to her. hahahaha....It's really funny to watch. Tuffy is our most cherished out of the three. He was our first puppy together as a couple. He doesn't play with the other dogs as much, but we spoil Tuffy more when the others are not paying attention. He's the only one we will let come out into the front yard while we are playing & riding bikes. He stays right by Jeff's side. In fact, we always joke that when Jeff dies, Tuffy will be buried with him. hahahahaha....
Over the holidays my parent came to visit us & while here, they began to call our dogs "The Bumpus Hounds" from the movie "A Christmas Story. In the movie, the neighbors had a pack of dogs that followed each other every where. All three of our dogs follow one another from the dog kennel to the back door to go outside. Then back inside from outside to their dog kennel again. My parents found this daily routine to be hilarious. AND so did we...Jeff & I now refer to our pups as the "Bumpus Hounds." hahahaha....Everytime I let them out to go potty & they follow one another, I hear the music from the movie as they make their way outside.

Bowling anyone?

Our neighbors are always inviting us to join them on fun Saturday "outings." Curtis & Ericka have two boys who are on a bowling league here in Norman. The boys had a few extra frames left over to use up, so they invited Landon to bowling with them. Curtis & Ericka have enjoyed playing on leagues over the years, & they both helped teach Landon how to bowl. Landon really got into it, & was having a good time, but unforunately he crossed the line on the alley, slipped, & fell down backwards. He didn't get hurt, it just scared him. After that, he was "kind-of done" with the whole bowling thing. PLUS, he spotted the aracade area. hahahaha....But I was so proud of my little man for trying. It was very nice of Curtis & Ericka to invite us & to help Landon learn to bowl.

Outdoor Lunch

It was over 70 degrees here on Friday. Landon & I made a lunch together, put it in a lunch box, & enjoyed our meal outside. Tuffy, Speck, & Sassy also enjoyed eating our lunch too...hahahaha! The brown-weinies really liked eating apples.

puzzle time

Landon was very proud of himself for putting his puzzles together Thursday morning. I love his sweet smile....

Monday, January 5, 2009

oh boy.....or all boy?

Sunday was extremely cold here. We took Landon to church & came directly home. I was not about to get him out of the house & battle the nasty, bitter, cold. Unfortunately, cabin fever got the best of Landon. After his nap, Landon & I played with his play-doh, we set up his army men & ran them over with his tank. We played with his piano keyboard, & we watched a little of The Lion King. Around 5:30pm I made dinner, & by the time Jeff got home from work, I was ready for a break. I asked Jeff to take over for the rest of the evening while I went to take a hot bath. He agreed & I went to relax. Landon came into my bathroom 3 to 4 times, & each time I asked him, "Where's daddy? Why aren't you playing with daddy?" By the 4th time of Landon interrupting my bath, I noticed he smelled a little funny & I decided to give up on the whole bath time. When I got out of the tub, I noticed that Jeff was in the office working on his laptop & Landon was running wild through the house. As I walked into the living room, this awful smell hit my nose, & when I turned on the light, all I noticed was "black goo" dripping down two walls in the living & the couch had two huge black spots on it. My red-headed temper kicked in! No one ...was safe. While I attempted to take a bath, Jeff was having a problem with our wireless connection. He was so focused on the problem that he didn't notice had Landon managed to get a hold of a can of WD-40 (which was in Jeff's Christmas stocking in the office) & he sprayed WD-40 ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM! I could be more forgiving if Landon had colored the walls & couch...that's bound to happen at least once in every child's childhood, but WD-40?!!!!. It says on the can, "Keep out of reach of children." Thankful, Landon did not consume any!I began to scrub the walls & couch. Fortunately, the WD-40 did came out of the couch, unfortunately, we have to paint the living room walls. It's funny more so today, but last night Jeff just laughed, & couldn't understand why was so upset. (he wasn't the one taking a break or even the one who had to cleam up the mess) I love my son...he's the most incredible little person I have ever encountered. I enjoy my time with him too. I'm grateful that God provides through Jeff enough so that I can stay at home & nuture this precious little boy. But if anyone is looking for ideas for a birthday gift for me next month, I would love a weekend to myself....to take just one hot bath for at least one hour.

Little River Zoo

We've been experiencing normal Oklahoma weather this week. (70 degrees one day & 10 degrees the next) Saturday was a beautiful day & our neighbors invited us to join their family at the Little River Zoo here in Norman. I took a few pictures of our day.

Happy New Year!

Landon woke up really early on New Year's Eve morning. I put him down for a nap that afternoon, but I could hear him singing to himself during his nap time. He never slept. Landon was getting pretty cranky around 5:00 pm, so Jeff & I decided to have a "mock" ball dropping & party so Landon could ring in the new year! We turned on the dance music, broke out the noise makers, put on our party hats, & rang in the new year by 7:00 pm. Here's a picture of Landon with his noise maker & party hat. I made kid friendly cherry-bombs too. ( 7up & cherry juice) He just finished drinking his cherry-bomb out of a glass flute. hahahaha....

Friday, January 2, 2009

golfing in December

It was a fairly nice day here in Norman, so we went golfing. The course was packed, but that didn't stop my men from having a good time. Our game was cut short when Jeff decided to "clown around" while driving the golf cart & then suddenly slammed on the brakes! Landon went flying & hit his chin on the cup holder! I sure was glad Landon was crying very loudly, because I yelled a few "choice words" at Jeff. But after Landon calmed down, that little stinker started laughing & told Jeff to do it again! hahahaha....

bunny rabbit

Landon surprised me the other day. He molded a bunny rabbit for me. I was so impressed with his creativity & ability!!!

Matthew & Landon at play

Matthew is able to fit in Landon's monster truck & drive.

Christmas day

We went to Tulsa on Christmas day. Jeff's aunt & uncle invited us over for a bunch. Afterwards we went back to Jeff's parent's & exchanged gifts. Landon got a Dancing Camera. He loves to watch himself break dance on T.V.

Our church does some amazing activties for their Christmas eve service. Landon was able to make a gingerbread man before service. The church also had photo booths set up for families to take pictures as while. As we were in service I looked over at Jeff & Landon. I realized how different Christmas is now. Rather than sharing service with our parents, feeling like children, we are the parents with our children. Roles have changed.
I took a few pictures of Landon & Jeff opening up gifts on Christmas morning.