Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bowling anyone?

Our neighbors are always inviting us to join them on fun Saturday "outings." Curtis & Ericka have two boys who are on a bowling league here in Norman. The boys had a few extra frames left over to use up, so they invited Landon to bowling with them. Curtis & Ericka have enjoyed playing on leagues over the years, & they both helped teach Landon how to bowl. Landon really got into it, & was having a good time, but unforunately he crossed the line on the alley, slipped, & fell down backwards. He didn't get hurt, it just scared him. After that, he was "kind-of done" with the whole bowling thing. PLUS, he spotted the aracade area. hahahaha....But I was so proud of my little man for trying. It was very nice of Curtis & Ericka to invite us & to help Landon learn to bowl.

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