Saturday, January 10, 2009

our puppies, Tuffy, Speck, & Sassy

I know most everyone thinks that's it ridiculous that we have three dogs. These three are also our babies. They have such different personalities, & interests. Speck is our most entertaining pup. He is an excellence fetcher & he is soooooo funny when he beggs for food. He sits up on his bottom, & waits for scraps of food. We call his stance "Stick'em up." He looks like he's being held up. hahahaha! Sassy is the sweetest out of all three. She cuddles up with you, & she really likes looking at books. There's been a few time where we have read some of Landon's kids books to her. hahahaha....It's really funny to watch. Tuffy is our most cherished out of the three. He was our first puppy together as a couple. He doesn't play with the other dogs as much, but we spoil Tuffy more when the others are not paying attention. He's the only one we will let come out into the front yard while we are playing & riding bikes. He stays right by Jeff's side. In fact, we always joke that when Jeff dies, Tuffy will be buried with him. hahahahaha....
Over the holidays my parent came to visit us & while here, they began to call our dogs "The Bumpus Hounds" from the movie "A Christmas Story. In the movie, the neighbors had a pack of dogs that followed each other every where. All three of our dogs follow one another from the dog kennel to the back door to go outside. Then back inside from outside to their dog kennel again. My parents found this daily routine to be hilarious. AND so did we...Jeff & I now refer to our pups as the "Bumpus Hounds." hahahaha....Everytime I let them out to go potty & they follow one another, I hear the music from the movie as they make their way outside.

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