Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last week Jeff's aunt & uncle sent us a few Christmas gifts & one of Landon's gifts was a hippo named Herschel. Herschel also came with a friend, another hippo who Landon has named, Marshall. Marshall is a girl, so Landon has explained to me, and she doesn't like they don't play with Herschel. hahahaha...Marshall spends a lot of time with Landon. In fact, she got her first bath this week. Landon dropped her in the toilet while he was going potty. (I didn't know he took Marshall in the bath room & was holding her while he did his busy...hahaha!) This morning, I had to hold Marshall several times for Landon. I even had to dance with her while we played. But, I was told I wasn't dancing with her right, so he took her from me. Marshall also joined us while we went grocery shopping & also to sonic. I had to promise Landon that she could share some of my drink. I was informed during lunch time that Marshall also wanted applesauce, strawberries, and mac'n'cheese just like Landon was having. OH, and a spoon. I took a picture of Marshall having lunch with her favorite friend too. After lunch, Landon, Marshall, & I played with Landon's Mr. Potato heads, but he didn't care how Marshall put her Mr. Potato Head together. hahaha....At the moment, Landon & Marshall are napping. She's snugged down in his bed covers laying next to him. Sweet Marshall...or more like Sweet Landon! ( I don't get a chance to say that very much, normally it's "all boy" Landon)

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