Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Do this"

Landon was in a really silly mood on Saturday. Jeff & I were teasing him & he just wouldn't stop laughing. Landon was wearing athletic pants that would slide on & off easily. Jeff & I being the "rotten" parents that we are, began to tease Landon. I would distract Landon with a "What's that?" and I would point to the other side of the room. Landon would follow my finger & turn & look, before he'd know it, Jeff would "de-pants" him. Landon would start laughing, & he would yell at us, to "Stop it." hahahaha....So, we'd do it again.hahaha... After the 3rd time, Landon was on to us, & he began to hold up his pants. So then we tried something different. We played the "Do this" game, where he had to mimic our arm movements until his arms were up over his head.Then we would tickle him. Landon thought that was REALLY funny. After the 3rd or 4th time of playing, "Do this," & tickling Landon, we told Landon, "Okay, it's your turn to do it to us." Thinking that Landon would say to us, "Do this," we realized he was confused. Instead of folding his arms & he "de-pants" himself. hahahahaha....

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