Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zoo & Doctor visit

Monday was abusy day for us. We took Landon to the zoo Monday morning. The animals were out & about during our visit. One of the wild turkey's spotted Landon through the glass & walked right up to him. They looked each over a little & we moved on. The black bears were out & Landon joined several other kids up against the glass to get a better look at the bears. One day walked right alone the glass, & while all the other kids jumped back from the glass as the bear passed by, Landon stood right up against the glass. He was frightened at all. hahaha....

After the zoo, we took Landon to his get his wellness check up with Dr. Schrader. While, play at home, Landon is always pertending that he's Dr. Schrader. Stu is great with Landon, and so comforting. I can't get over how Stu & Stacy are so much alike. (Stacy's my best friend & Stu's her brother, Landon's pediatrician) Landon's developing is just fine. He's over 50% in very category but his height. (Poor little guy. I hope he's at least 3 inches taller than Jeff when he's an adult.)

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