Saturday, July 26, 2008


I bought some blackberries the other day at the store. I didn't know if Landon would like them or not so I put some on his plate at dinner time. (I've been a short order cook this week since the Festival of Homes is going on in Norman. Jeff's been working later into the evening. Landon & I have been eating before Jeff gets home.) I was making myself something to eat & when I sat down at the table, I noticed that Landon "gobbled" up the blackberries I had given to him. That evening Jeff gave Landon a bath & he came walking into the kitchen carrying Landon's shorts. He asked me what I gave Landon to eat for dinner. I asked, him "why"? He lifted up Landon's shorts, & said, "this is why". I just starting laughing. Landon put the blackberries in his pockets. They got smashed why he was playing around after dinner. I guess he doesn't care for blackberries.

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michelle said...

When I got pregnant with Dominic, my friend, Starr, told me to always check his pockets, because boys like to stuff things like rocks and lizards in them. I guess we can add fruit to the list.