Thursday, June 19, 2008

Harps are moving

Our friends Eric, Diane, & Sarah are moving to Houston tomorrow. I met Diane through Gymboree. Sarah was a student when I was teaching classes there. Diane & I made fast friends. Her family, such as my family, also did not have any close relatives that lived in the OKC area. Over the last year, we would get together at least once a week & even celebrated holidays like Christmas, together.

This past weekend, a few of us got together to have a farewell party for the Harp family. The owners of Gymboree hosted the event at the gym.

I'm heart-broken to see them go. Eric is a doctor & is finishing his last year of residency in Houston. Eric & Diane lived in the Phoenix area right after they were married & they mentioned that they could move to Phoenix in year. Jeff, who was born & raised in Phoenix, spoke with a member of executive management for Home Creations who happened to mention that HC is purchasing land in the Phoenix area. Jeff express his interest in moving to Phoenix as the director of sales. Naturally I told Diane this & she said to me, "That would be great, we could be neighbors." I laughed & I thought to myself, "whoa, they must really enjoy spending time with us....or they know Jeff could hook them up with a smokin'-hot deal on a new house in Phoenix area." hahahahahaha.....

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