Friday, June 6, 2008

Four years now.....

The scanner's not working very well, the pictures turned out black & white.
I meet Jeff seven years ago July. We've been married four years next week.....We frequently talk about our wedding day. We had so much FUN that day. Our ceremony was incredible, our reception was beautiful, & our honeymoon was much needed!
I wouldn't say we had a very romantic wedding. It was more of a celebration. We got the chance to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen in a long time. Jeff's buddies & family all flew out from Arizona. My friends & family came in from CA, MA, NV, KS,VA,TX, IL,.....all over.
Our friends still tell us that our reception was one of the most fun weddings they had ever been a part of. Jeff & I sat down & actually spent time with our friends, especially after all the guest left the reception. We had four large tables full of friends.We sat there & LAUGHED & carried on until we were told the champagne & drinks were gone. Although, I do remember everyone carrying out at least two bottles of champagne each. (I think we were gettin' rowdy) Little did we know that while we were having a good time up in the ball room, my parents were having a party in their suite! We took everyone back to my parent's suite & continue the party there. My folks told us that after everyone left their suite that night, it looked like the scene from the movie "Sixteen Candles" know... where Jake Ryan walked downstairs to find his house was completely trashed after a his girlfriend threw a "kegger "at his parent's house....hahahaha! They said the only thing missing was the frozen pizza on the record player! hahahahaha!!!!
It was amazing day. I loved whispering back & fourth with Jeff while the ceremony was taking place, I loved all the kisses we exchanged, especially when our guests "clanged" their spoons agains their champagne flutes, & I loved that our very last dance of the night was with all our friends & their spouses .....(AND, what an incredible view we had of the city while we danced too...the sun had gone down & downtown Tulsa was all lit up....beautiful)
I learned a lot about Jeff during our honeymoon. He just can't sit still. When we arrived at our resort in the Mayan Riviera, I was ready to hit the beach & just rest. Eleven months of planning takes a lot out of a person. BUT, Jeff had another plan in mind.... (not that kind of plan! pull your head out of the gutter)....we spend 5 out of the 7 days in Mexico going on excursions. We snorkeled, we swam with the dolphins, we went on a jet-boat jungle tour, we visited the Mayan ruins, & swam in the lagoon at Xel-Ha. I was exhausted. I was so grateful that I didn't have to return back to work for another two weeks after returning home.I spent those two weeks resting from our honeymoon. hahahahaha!
I love being married to Jeff. He never seems to stop making me laugh & he takes excellent care of our family. He compliments my cooking, & he puts up with my obessive need to clean & keep a tighty house. My biggest complaint I have with him is when he can't find his missing sock & accuses me of losing it ....hahahaha.....(that agrument gets ugly & very OLD!!!!)

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