Sunday, June 15, 2008

An OU Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, Landon & I went to have Jeff's OU football autographed by Heisman trophy winners Jason White, Billy Owen, & Billy Sims. It was quite a dramatic experience getting to the location where they were at & so many things went wrong just trying to get there, but Landon & I finally made it & it was well with it.
All three men were so friendly towards Landon & I think they really got a "kick" out of him too.
I really didn't want Landon to have his picture taken with any of the former players mainly because right as they called out our number to meet the players, Landon made a poopy in his diaper. I was so embarrassed & I couldn't excuse our selves! We only had 30 more minutes before the players would be leaving & we had already waited nearly an hour & a half.(try entertaining a two year in a line of 150 or more OU fans...yuck) But Billy Owens saw Landon & he stretched out his arms for him to come closer & next thing I know, BOTH Billy's were telling me"Let's take some pictures with this little guy." So I did of course, but Billy Owen had a funny look on his face as he passed Landon back over to me. I said "Thank You" & RAN!!!!! hahahaha....
I was trying to surprise Jeff this morning with the autographs. But, because I had the location all mixed up, & none of my "supposed"OU friends knew nothing about the signing, I eventually had to break down & call Jeff to find out the exact location. Hearing the surprise in his voice when I told him what I was doing made it all worth it though.
You can see Jason White holding Jeff's OU football. Jeff's pretty proud of it.

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Lacy said...

Showin' off for the trophy winners! Way to go Landon!