Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Landon's cousin Brennan was born six months before him. We were spoiled for a while...Greg (Jeff's brother) & Susanne lived in Enid for nearly four years & we got the opportunity to see them frequently while they lived in Oklahoma. They moved back to their hometown, Chandler, AZ in late 2004, & Susanne was 2-3 months pregnant with Brennan. Jeff & I didn't get to meet Brennan until he was six months old. They all flew back to Oklahoma from Arizona to spend a week here for Landon's birth & Thanksgiving. Unforunately, Brennan was very sick, & we didn't get to to hug him, hold him, or love on him. We all were fearful that Landon, a newborn, could possible catch his illness & become very ill. Greg & Susanne brought the kids over to visit us briefly one afternoon . They wanted to meet Landon & we wanted to meet Brennan. It was such a sad experience. Greg held Brennan on our front porch & Jeff held Landon in the foyer of our old home. Susanne & I were crying.....(of course) hahahaha....I remember... I was already unstable emotionally from just having a baby 4 days earlier, & I could not control my tears. I had to stop looking at Brennan & step out of the foyer & step into the dining room just to avoid the embarrassment of my uncontrollable crying!

In May 2005, Matthew, Jeff's youngest brother, or MAC, as Landon calls him, graduated high school. Greg & Susanne flew again, & we got to spend much more time together. I didn't get to hold Brennan until he was nearly a year old.

This past fall we flew out to Arizona to spend a week with them & it's amazing how much Brennan & Landon look a like. We called them the twins while we were there...hahahaha!

Brennan is a sweet man....a funny man....& a loving man!

Happy 3rd Birthday COUS.......We'll see you a few weeks! We looking forward to seeing you over the fourth of July & we'll have COOKIES! As Brennan would say "OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! I like Cookies"

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