Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Prince running his 1st RACE!

Here's a few pics of Landon running with his Aunt Lacy in the Jingle Bell Run. I was so proud of my little man that day! Isn't he the cutest thing...running his little heart out for a hamburger & donut. hahaha...Oh yeah, I was proud of Lacy & dad too. She took 2nd in her age group. My dad took 3rd in his age group. It's almost not fair to the citizens who participate in runs in the Wichita area. My dad & sister dominate...hahahaha!


Lacy said...

2nd OVERALL!! 1st in my age group
4miles 27:59

Not that anyone's counting :)

Doug said...

Were there just two other runners in your dad's age group?