Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little Joe!

One of my oldest friends, Jen, recently received the most incredible blessing....her son, Joseph Micheal. Jen & her husband, Mike, have been praying & waiting for almost 3 years to adopted a baby. Last month, God granted their prays, & the prayers of so many others, baby Joe was born.

This weekend, I was invited to have lunch with Jen & her sister Angie, & meet baby Joe. Some of Jen's friends & family, hosted a baby shower for Jen & Joe on Saturday morning. Joe is so precious. At the shower, all of us were fighting with one another over who gets to hold Joe next. If I could have smuggled Joe in my purse & out of the party without anyone seeing me, I would have! hahahaha....I would keep him for my own. He's got the most amazing brown hair. It stands straight up & he has sooooo much of it too!

I tear up every time I think about baby Joe, & how he is truly a blessing. God is so GREAT....He always hears our prayers. If we are patience & wait according to His will, he will never let us down.

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