Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's stuck

Landon has been so excited about Christmas this year. While my family was visiting us last week, we took the kids to see Santa. Afterwards, we noticed some of the homes around our neighborhood had their Christmas light up already. Landon wanted to get a closer look at the lights. I slowed the car down for my family to get a better look at the decorations at one particular house when Landon says to me, "Look Mommy, they have their Christmas out!" hahahaha....So now everytime we see outdoor lights, we say "they have their Christmas out." After Thanksgiving, Jeff got up in the attic & pulled out our Christmas decorations so we could get our Christmas out. While I was pulling decorations out of boxes, I heard this loud, high pitch, sound. When I turned around, it was Landon. He got into the box of stockings & put one on his head. The only problem was he could get it off & he was screaming like a little girl because it was too tight around his big head. hahahahaha.....
(yes, I have pants for my son, but he doesn't always put them back on after he uses the potty...hahahaha!)

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