Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time in Wichita

This weekend Landon & I went to Wichita for a baby shower. While we were there, we stayed with my sister, Lacy, & her family. Landon & my nephew, Judah, have so much fun together. We took the kids to the Christmas festival in downtown Wichita on Thursday night. The kids enjoyed watching the fireworks after the parade. There was even a carnival set up & the boys walked away with all sorts of prizes & candy.

Friday evening, Lacy & Kenton had a Christmas party with some of their friends from Church. I, on the other hand, had a date with two men! Landon & Judah. Lacy's neighbor is an actress & she gave us tickets to the Children's Theater performance of "The Gingerbread Man." Both the boys enjoyed the show. I enjoyed holding the two of them on my lap, kissing the tops of their sweet little heads as they both cuddled with me.

Saturday morning, Lacy & Kenton took Landon & Judah downtown for the "Jingle Bell Run!" My dad registered the boys in the fun-run, & Landon ran his 1st mile run. (with Aunt Lacy's help) According to my family, Landon did so good! He ran his little heart out up until his Aunt Lacy tripped him causing him to fall down face 1st. hahahahaha....Fortunately, Landon was wearing several layers of clothing & his fall was padded. hahahaha...Landon crossed the finish line with Lacy, & he got a medal, a hamburger, & all sorts of other goodies.

Saturday night, my parents took us out to dinner, & afterwards, Kenton drove all of us around Wichita to look at some incredible Christmas lights.

Needless to say, Landon & I are exhausted from our weekend! But what a good weekend it was...

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