Monday, October 27, 2008


I just returned from Las Vegas! One of my dearest friend from PSU, Kelli, lives in Las Vegas, & got married there this weekend. Kelli & I have been friends for over 11 years now & she was even a bridesmaid in my wedding. Out of the 11 years that I have known Kelli, there has not been 1 month that has not gone by where I have not spoken with her at least once. She's a very genuine, caring, & spirited person. When Kelli makes a friend, she keeps a friend. I was so excited to share in such an amazing day...the next chapter in her live! The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful! The wedding was outdoors surrounded by the dessert mountains, & you could see & feel God's presence. He truly created the most perfect day for Kelli & Mark. I can't say even kind words about the man she chose to marry, her husband Mark. He's very sincere, welcoming, & one heck of cook!(God definitely created Mark for Kelli...even poppin' popcorn in the microwave is a challenge for her...hahaha!)

It was funny to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen in several years. Matt, Melissa, Kylie, Lori....

Plus, as always, my college side-kick, & partner in crime, Ms. Jen, was there with her husband Mike, a.k.a Grandpa. Most of my time spent in Vegas was with Jen & Mike of course. (Jen was my college room mate & my best friend) Unfortunately, Jeff was unable to attend. He got the opportunity to go on a brothers trip to New York City a weeks back, which didn't allow him to accompany me in Vegas. usual, when Jeff can't make a trip, I always call on my back up date....good o' Stacy! She never lets me down....California, Cancun, Atlanta, Phoenix, Boston.

The entire weekend, Stac & I couldn't go anywhere with out someone asking us, "you must be sisters". Throughout the course of our 20 year friendship, we have always been asked that same question no matter where we are. Personally I liked the comment one couple made towards us. We're going down the elevator with an older couple & the wife says, "you must be sisters?" Stacy & I laughed of course, & explain that we are not, & the husband says, "I would have never known based on the matching drinks you both have in your hands"....hahahaha! We're both red heads with big smiles....Everyone assumes we are sister.

Stacy met Kelli while Stacy was during her rotation in Phoenix, & Kelli was working for Pulte Homes in the Phoenix area at that time. Stacy threw a bachlerotte party for me out in Phoenix, with Kelli's help in 2003. So Stacy was just as excited as I was to share in Kelli's day.

We did stay on the Strip, we took in a show, we gambled, we shopped, we laid out by the pool, we ate wonderful food, we danced, we saw Elvis, & we even drank a little too much! (hahahahaha...go figure....Jen, Kari, way!)

The hardest part of my trip is the same with every trip, saying good-bye to Stacy. . It involves a lot of tears & a lot of hugs, & promises that we will see each other very soon. But, the sweetest part of my trip was returning home & seeing this sweet little boy running towards me as I'm exiting the airport security area, shouting out "MOMMMMMY!!!!!" It's sure is nice to come home.
It was an incredible weekend, & it's going to take a few days to get rested up!

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