Friday, October 31, 2008

Best Day Ever-Halloween 2008

So...the day started off very, very, sweet. Jeff went to get get Landon out of his bed & the first thing Landon asked Jeff was, "Is it time to trick or treat?" Landon has been so excited about trick or treating this halloween!
Jeff & I took Landon trick or treating in our surrounding neighborhood, & he surprised us as he walked up to the very 1st house on HIS OWN, candy bucket & all, & shouted out, "Trick or Treat!" Jeff & I just LAUGHED!!! We couldn't wrap our brains around Landon's independence & excitement. As soon as he received his 1st piece of candy for the night, he was HOOKED! Landon walked over to Jeff & I & the 1st thing he said to us was, "Daddy, I want to get more candy!" hahahaha...
We took him to "maybe" 10 homes & his bucket was completely FULL! I told Jeff, "I think he's got enough." Around that same time, Landon told us he was done. We took Landon back home, & he enjoyed passing out more candy to others kids as they came around. Out in front of our neighborhood there's a little church. The church was hosting a halloween carnival. I took Landon down there for a while & the two of us had so so much fun. He jumped on the infatibles for a while & he really got into the "pop the balloon with the pine cone" game. the church also passed out candy & prizes. The kid currently has 2 buckets FULL of candy! hahaha....
The night ended with Landon calling my parents to tell them about his night. Landon told my mom, "It was the best day ever!"

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Lacy said...

Is that a real buffalo fur vest?
Wow that kid must have an aunt that really loves him!!!