Monday, October 20, 2008

silly comments from Landon

Landon has quite the personality these days.
The other day he shared a "knock-knock' joke with Jeff & I.
He said to us, "knock-knock'....Jeff responded, "who's there"...& Landon said, 'Somebody else." Then he took off running down the hall. Jeff & I sat there just crackin' up! We were like..."what did he say?" Jeff asked me, "What do you teach him when I'm not around?" hahahaha...
Landon's into imagination play right now & he's always telling me, you can't go in my room or you can't sit there, my baby is asleep.
This morning Landon started up with the whole "my baby" thing & Jeff asked him, "would you like to have a baby brother or sister?" & Landon told him he wanted to have a sister. I was THRILLED to hear him say he wanted a sister! Then Jeff asked Landon, "What do you want to name her?" Neither Jeff or I thought he would understand what Jeff was asking him, but out of no where Landon responded, "Natasha." hahahahaha..... Jeff & I could not stop laughing....NATASHA....where in the world did he come up with that name! hahahaha....

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