Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Toast to JOSHUA!!!

Five years ago today my first nephew was born. Joshua August. I was at work when Uncle Jeffy called to tell me that Joshua was born. Excited, I asked, "When will we get a chance to met the little man?" Little to my surprise Jeff was already packing our suitcases & getting ready to not only pick me for the long car ride over to Enid, OK, but to also pick up Joshua's other Aunt, Auntie Chell. Auntie Chell hopped on a plane in Phoenix earlier that afternoon & was due to arrive in Tulsa that evening. She didn't want to miss singing "Happy Birthday" to Joshua on his actual birthday either!

When the three of us arrived at the Enid hospital we were greeted by Greg. (Jeff's older brother) When we got up to the maternity floor we could see a nurse making a baby burrito & Joshua happened to be that baby in the burrito! hahahaha!

Joshua is such a sweet little man....and such a HAM too! He's always coming up with something clever to share with his folks, siblings, friends, & family. Whenever Susanne calls me to catch up, I look forward to the part of our conversation where she begins with, "listen to what Joshua told us the other day" or "you'll never guess what Joshua did yesterday!" hahahahaha.....

Three years ago, Greg & Susanne moved back to their hometown, Chandler, AZ. I was so sad when they left Oklahoma....they took with them ONE of my three favorite nephews, Joshua.


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