Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can't keep up

Landon...he's just so darn popular! I can't keep up with his social calendar. He's always getting invited to birthday parties, play dates, lunches at the's exhausting. ( exhausting for me that is...hahaha!) A week ago Saturday, he was invited to two birthday parites back to back at "Pump it Up". (one of his FAVORITE places to play) We were there from 1:00 pm-6:00 pm. I was so tired & so sore that I laid in the tub for over an hour later that night. (I can just hear my sister laughing out loud at me as she reads this. Judah's birthday party was at Pump it Up in October & I was miserable chasing Landon around at his party while she & everyone else just laughed)
One of the play groups we get together with decided to have an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids recently. Landon didn't know what to make of the hunt. He really didn't like carrying around his basket either. He was content just gathering eggs & holding them in his shirt. hahahahaha! One of the little girls in his play group is Holly (she's wearing the red hat in the photo above). Jeff & I call Holly, Landon's little girlfriend. I met Holly a year ago while teaching at Gymboree. She was one of my students & I was so smitten by her. I remember coming home after class the day I met her & I shared with Jeff that I met Landon's future wife. He rolled his eyes at me... of course. I've become friends with Holly's parents & Rob, Holly's dad, has explained to me that Holly's not allowed to date until she's 30. hahahahaha!

I've recently resigned as a teacher from Gymboree, but Landon & I still attend classes there. This morning, he totally surprised me as he really participated in the activities, & followed Ms. Stephanie's directions during class. He even sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" so loud & with such confidence, that the other families were applauding him. (I was so proud)

I love that he enjoys playing with other children & that they enjoy playing with him. Home Creations asked Jeff if he would be interested in taking a sales position in Tulsa recently. I am so grateful to him for turning it down. We have met so many friends this past year while living here in Norman, & I'm not comfortable uprooting Landon again. Especially not now.

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